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      July 23, 2018
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The Irrigation District Engineering and Assistance Program (IDEA) includes:

• educational services and technical assistance for irrigation districts

• applied research in GIS-based management systems and rapid assessment methods for prioritized rehabliation projects based on water saving potential.

These “irrigation” districts include irrigation, water control, water improvement, and municipal utility districts that deliver irrigation water.

Overview of the IDEA program

And our activities for the congressional initative:
Rio Grande Basin Initiative
for Irrigation Water Conservation

What's New...
Web-Based Information Management System for Irrigation Districts  

Brownsville Irrigation District (2010) adobe_image
The purpose of the project is to provide the District with a simple tool that would improve the management of water orderts, allow access of data by landowners through the internet, and to improve the availability of pump flow data from the existing SCADA system.....

SCADA Projects

Hidalgo County Irrigation District No.6 (2010) adobe_image
SCADA shows promise of imroving operational efficiency, increasing flexibility in the amount and timing of water deliveries, and reducing spills and other losses in distribution networks. However, implementing SCADA in a District for the first time is a difficult process....

United Irrigation District (2010) adobe_image
In an effort to improve the management of the Bryan canal, the District installed a new radial gate structure with the objectives of establishing SCADA capabilities, and providing the District the ability to control the gate based on flow.....

Soil Water Balance Model

Evaluation of the CRITERA Irrigation Scheme Soil Water Balance Model in Texas - Initial Results(2011)adobe_image
CRITERIA is a soil water balance model which is currently being evaluated in Italy for irrigation scheduling in irigation schemes. The model predicts soil moisture status on a daily basis. Required input data includes weather conditions, soil hydrological properties, and crop management data.....

District Analysis Report  
TR-353: Evaluation of Canal Lining Projects in the Lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas.
Since 1999, seven (7) irrigation districts in the Lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas have installed six (6) different types of synthetic canal lining materials, totaling approximately 21 miles. In 2005, we began a program to track the long-term effectiveness and durability of these lining projects and to document the damage caused by such factors as...
Extension Publication   
Measuring Seepage Losses from Canals Using the Ponding Test Method. January 2009.

The ponding test method is an accurate way to
measure seepage losses from irrigation canals. This publication provides complete details for using this method.

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Urbanization Studies



Urbanization of Irrigation Districts in the Texas Rio Grande Basin (2011)

EM-105: Expansion of Urban Area in Irrigation Districts of the Rio Grande River Basin, 1996-2006: A Map Series. March 2009. This series includes maps of five counties: El Paso, Maverick, Cameron, Hidalgo and Willacy, showing the expansion of urban area over this ten year period (1996 to 2006). Also, shown on the maps are the service areas of 30 irrigation districts that deliver irrigation water along the Rio Grande River Basin. . Individual district maps are posted under the GIS/Maps link. Tables show estimates of percent increase of urban area in both county and irrigation district boundaries.

Popular Article   
Smart IDEA Prevents Flooding. Rio Grande Basin Initiative Outcomes. Vol.7, No.2. December 2008.
The Irrigation District Engineering and Assistance Program (IDEA) responded to a Hidalgo County Irrigation District No. 6 (HCID6) request to help prevent flooding along Walker Lake by installing remote and automatic control systems on the emergency gate of the Rio Grande.