June 21, 2018   

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Canal Automation Demonstration Program

The objectives are to demonstration the benefits of automatic control of gates, and to determine the equipment and software that work best in the conditions along the Rio Grande River in Texas. Implementation of canal automation will result in more efficient water management with benefits from improved crop yield, reduced operation and maintenance costs, and water conservation through reduced spillage and seepage.

Each demonstration will be equipped with a telemetry system that will transmit current conditions at the gate to the district office, and receive instructions on gate settings generated by the automation software. While the basic telemetry and gate control equipment is fairly standard, we are focusing most of our efforts on evaluating control software and making modifications as needed for maximizing canal operational efficiency.

The districts involved are required to cover the costs of items such as the motors and actuators needed to operate the gate. Where needed the district will have to replace the existing gate structure with one that can be automated. The IDEA Team will cover the costs of the telemetry and automation software systems.

Areas of Evaluation and Project Components:
- Optimal canal water management procedures
- On-farm water delievery analysis

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