La Feria Irrigation District Cameron County No. 3 (La Feria)

Rehabilitation Project



La Feria Irrigation District Cameron County No. 3



The official name of La Feria is La Feria Irrigation District Cameron County No.3. The office, located in the city of La Feria, Texas, was organized in 1917 under the laws of the State of Texas.

The district boundary covers 37,004 acres of Cameron County and has 27,500 irrigable acres. The distribution network is made up of 39.3 miles of main canals, 21 miles of lateral canals, and 120 miles of pipelines.

They are currently using a pumping plant built in 1928, with current maximum operating capacity at 425 cfs, and with a typical peak-pumping rate of 300 cfs. One 302 acre reservoir with a storage volume 2000 acre-feet helps regulates and keep up with the changing water demands.

The district was adjudicated to divert water for domestic and municipal use to the cities of La Feria, Santa Rosa, and Sebastian.

Contact Information
Bill Friend (Manager)
PO Box 158
La Feria, Tx 78559
Phone: (956) 797-2421
Fax: (956) 797-3709


Project 2 of US Pub.L 106-576    In the Cameron County, Texas La Feria Irrigation District #3, a distribution system improvement project identified by the 1993 engineering study by Sigler, Winston, Greenwood and Associates, Inc.

I-1: Construct 4.7 miles of 30-inch Re-enforced Concrete Pipe (RCP) and pump station.

I-2: Raise canal 1.5 feet from check gate. Line an estimated 6000 feet.

I-3: Lower reservoir outlet gate two feet on 6.0 canal.

I-4: Construct 1320 LF of 24 inch RCP on 6.0 c Pipeline.

I-5: Construct 3600 LF of 24 inch RCP from main canal to 0.6 pipeline.

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