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      May 24, 2018
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Irrigation Conveyance Evaluation (ICE) Development Program - (Overview)
Previously call the Rapid Assessment Tool or RAT, the ICE combines a series of methodologies or components being designed to provide a quick and cost-effective analysis of the conditions and operational performance of an irrigation district and the distribution network. The components include surveys, infractructure ratings, limited direct measurement, and GIS capabilities among other activities. They can be used seperately to identify a single problem or used together to tackle larger complex problems.

Areas of Study and Components:
1- Canal condition and loss rate evaluation
2- Analysis of water supply (Head problems) in districts
3- Effects of aquatic vegetation on flow in canals
4- Spill loss evaluation photos
5- Remote sensing tools
6- Optimal canal water management procedures
7- On-farm water delievery analysis

Remote Sensing (Airborne Multi-Spectral)

Canal Management Project

Canal Automation Demonstration Program
The objectives are to demonstration the benefits of automatic control of gates, and to determine the equipment and software that work best in the conditions along the Rio Grande River in Texas. In addition, an implementation of canal automation will result in more efficient water management with benefits from improved crop yield, reduced operation and maintenance costs, and water conservation through reduced spillage and seepage.

   Projects:   Delta Lake ID    United ID

Evaluation of Canal Lining Projects
Periodic documentation and evaluation of canal lining projects' durability.

   Site Maps   CCID#1    CCID#2    Harlingen ID    HCID#2    Santa Cruz ID    United ID

GIS and Database Integration PDF
GIS as a Mapping Tool PDF
GIS as a Planning Tool PDF
Water Summit PDF

Canal Conditions Final PDF
Database Report PDF
Final Farm Turnout PDF
Head Problem Report PDF

Professional Papers
Proceedings of the GIS Workshop, May 2003, Phoenix, AZ PDF