Cameron County Irrigation District No. 2 (San Benito)

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Cameron County Irrigation District No. 2 (San Benito)

The official name of San Benito is Cameron County Irrigation District No.2. The district office is located in the city of San Benito, Texas.

The district boundary covers 91,000 acres of Cameron County and serves an estimated (avg) 65,000 acres of irrigated cropland. The distribution network is made up of 103 miles of main canals, 14 miles of resacas, 112 miles of laterial canals, and 35 miles of pipelines.

They are currently using a pumping plant built in 1908, with current maximum operating capacity at 430 cfs. There are also ten re-lift pump stations within the district. Two main storage reservoirs are located just down stream of the pumping plant with a combined capacitiy of 5000 acre-feet.

Municipalities and industries that are fed from the irrigation district include the cities of San Benito and Rio Hondo,Central Power & Light (CP&L) Electric Company, and the East Rio Hondo and the Arroyo City Water Supply Corps.

Contact Information
Sonia Kaniger (Manager)
PO Box 687
San Benito, Tx 78586
Phone: (956) 399-2484
Fax: (956) 399-4721


Project 3 of US Pub.L 106-576   In the Cameron County, Texas Irrigation District # 2, canal rehabilition and pumping plant replacement as identified as Job Number 48-05540-002 in a report by Turner Collie & Braden , Inc. dated August 12 , 1998.

Part 1: Pumping Plant Replacement

This project calls for the construction of a new river pumping station to be located on the Rio Grande River, near Los Indios, Texas. The pumping station will be in the capacity of 700 cubic feet per second (cfs) and consisting of (10) vertical propeller type pumps with estimated water conservation at 3,000-acre feet per year (Turner Collie & Braden).

The San Benito pumping plant, built in the early 1900's on the edge Rio Grande River, had a original design to pump 635 cfs. But in the past 100 years wear and tear have taken their toll. Additionally, since that time the Rio Grande River has shifted its course and now runs approximately 3000 feet south of the pumping plant. This has lead to increased maintenance cost in efforts to keeping a channel cut clear of silt build-up and aquatic growth, and problems with intake during low flow (low river levels) periods. A structural investigation related to the infiltration of water into building was completed on September 2000, (Halff Associates, Inc., proposal No. 1008.00.0787, dated May 10, 2000). The report concluded that with the advanced age of the building, and the uncertainty of the condition of the foundations any minimal repairs to the existing facility would permit it to remain operational till some major renovations or a new facility can be constructed.

Current maximum operating capacity has been reduced to 430 cfs (57% reduction) due to the lost of efficiency through aging pumps & motors and the lost of two natural gas Fairbanks-Morse motors unable to be restored. The following is a list of the current electric pumps in operation:

1) Type: centrifugal force. Capacity: 150 cfs, 48 intake, 60 discharge. Age: pump 1960's, motor 1970's.
2) Type: centrifugal force. Capacity: 110 cfs, 42 intake, 60 discharge. Age: pump 1923, motor 1950's.
3) Type: centrifugal force. Capacity: 100 cfs, 42 intake, 60 discharge. Age: pump 1923, motor 1950's.
4) Type: vertical propeller. Capacity 75 cfs, 36 intake, 36 discharge. Age: 1970's.

Daily Operating Rates: April- July - 430 cfs*
Sept- Jan.- 75 cfs*

*M&I accounts for 75 cfs year round


Part 2: Canal Rehabilition

Part 2 involves of three scopes of work for canal lining and pipeline installation. Turners Collie & Braden's study estimated water conservation at 9,300-acre feet per year.

1) Rehabilitation of the northern part of the district (old Cameron County Irrigation District No. 13) by placing existing system in to underground pipeline. ("Canal 13.")

2) Lining of main "Canal B" and replacement of its open ditch laterals "Canal 23, 25, 27, 29, 31, 33, 35, 37, & 39" with underground pipeline.

3) Lining of main "Canal C" and "Canal D."

Lining of the main canals will be performed with concrete, replacing the earth canals. Replacement of the small open ditch laterals will be constructed with pvc pipe in some areas and reinforced concrete pipe in other areas where required.



2000 Project 3
Plan of Rehabilitation
Project 1 of 2000
Project 2 of 2000
Report on Sturctural Investigation
Project 3 of 2000

2001 Project 2
Proposed Canal "C" Improvements

2001 Project 3
Canal "C" and Canal "13" Inner